Search Engine Reputation Management

SERM is the science of Search Engine Optimization, with Reputation Management which aims at improving the volume or traffic to a web site from search engines and projecting a positive image to the users of search engines. Advertisers use SERM to improve their search engine ranking by syndicating desirable content through a variety of internet media channels which are linked back to personal or corporate websites that are indexed by search engines and are visible in Search engine result pages.

SERM strategies can also remove negative and defamatory content about businesses or celebrity from search engines Result and websites by removing these negative comments listings from public view, regardless of the source or validity of those comments.

SERM is the most efficient, effective, safest, and natural way for getting higher ranking on search engines.

Many companies are experiencing challenges from hostile customers, EX employees and nefarious competitors who try to hurt businesses by blog posting or posting negative statements online about the company, its product or specific individuals working with the company. They aim to adversely impact a target's business, its recruiting and retention efforts, and overall company's reputation.

Many times, negative publicity or an unfavorable court ruling gets widespread online distribution, and company executives are required to do "damage control" to the company.

Very few companies have strategies related to managing their "online reputation" even if they are having an active public relations team. Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) is a process employed by companies to proactively protect their brands from damaging content brought to light by search engine results. Some use these same tactics reactively to minimize the damage caused by blogs, forums and other websites.


Our Search Engine Reputation Management strategy is really simple. We at Web Infomatrix push down the negative comments with favorable comments and ones which you can control or influence.

With the increasing popularity of search engines, Search Engine Reputation Management tactics have become more important than before. SEO understands the value of managing your online brand. We have deep experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines by search results. We also provide services which include services related to protecting your online business image from unfavorable publicity and malicious attacks by ex-employees, customers and competitors. We also work with those individuals who have had their names tarnished, including celebrities, professional, athletes, politicians, and executives.

Current or potential customers, employees, business partners, investors and other people regularly search your company name all the time. If they are find negative publicity at, it may give them cause for concern, may also lead to them forming a negative opinion of your company and can stop potential clients from buying your products or engaging in your services. It's difficult for companies, from large corporations to small shops, to do effort to protect what they have worked so hard to build. Years of good business can be ruined out by one negative post which appears on the first page of Google or Yahoo search result.

SEO helps make sure that your company and the key executives are being portrayed positively online by burying the unfavorable and maintaining a positive online image. For more information regarding our processes how we monitor and defend your company's online reputation, please contact us today!