Reputation Management Online

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management is the process of evaluating, monitoring and maintaining conversations concerning your brand, on the Internet. It consists of 3 steps:

  • Listening to the online conversation regarding your brand.
  • Understanding the reason about it and why anybody is saying this.
  • Interacting with the consumers to mitigate any damage to your brand that have resulted because of their negative feedback about your company, product or business methods.

Mostly I have been asked this question what I do in Reputation Management I answer to them that reputation management is about controlling what people view on the Internet about you and maintaining positive views . Damage limitation is dealing with negative results on the Internet and reducing the damage it can do to an individual or company.Suppose that a journalist writes something negative about your product and the article which he has written is coming in the search engine results than your own company website. Moreover if you are a celebrity and you have a very personal court case going on and the last thing you want is it showing up in the search results .Reputation management helps to take the initiative and quite often prevent these negative results staying around in the first pages of the search engine result and limiting the damage that could have been caused to your company and product.

What are the steps to reputation management?

Different ways of Reputation Management are:-

  • The initial step  is to see the actual negative content and  analyzing does it have any truth, Sometimes it may be someone’s  opinion or may be a lie?  If it is a website, then it can be forced to take it down quite quickly.
  • Start a strategy for creating positive content about the company or individual.
  • Monitor the results and improvement.
  • Implement strategy to prevent negative content reaching or staying long on the front page of the search engines result.

Depending on the severe ness of negative content and the methods which need to be implemented in protecting will determine the required work and costs. Till date we have not lost even a single client which speaks volumes of the Reputation Management service of Web Infomatrix. If you need our services please get in touch, all conversations and email will be safe.

Many companies are struggling with the concept of reputation. They are drawn at first to the internal manifestations of reputation and expend their energy on internal perceptions of reputation at the expense of external viewpoints.

Reputation is a social and external code of conduct.

In other words reputation is what other people think about you and not what you think about yourself. Most companies have a tendency to view their reputation as what they say about themselves.

Reputation is based upon:

  • external perceptions about  you
  • external conceptions about you
  • The reason behind  these perceptions
  • To know how people are reporting their perceptions and conceptions.

Corporate reputation has recognized that reputation management is related to an organization’s social context but has suggested that alignment of communication with business objectives is the driver for effective reputation management.

Organizations rarely have a single reputation, but rather enjoy different reputations with different stakeholder clusters. Your reputation among employees is different to that of your customers or suppliers. Managing reputation amongst many of those stakeholder groups can be relatively well scoped, the management of reputation to the wider community of customers or prospective customer is growing in importance as they becoming increasingly drivers of opinion and within the business of strategy.Now a days, Reputations are now formed and sustained as much in Twitter or Face book as they are in press releases or other public affairs department.