Reputation Management Consultant Process

Inoculation combines several useful techniques to create and/or promote positive listings that push negative listings "down" in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs):

  • Micro-Sites: we will create websites with Latent Semantic Content and relevant outbound links. These websites are consistently updated with fresh content that contains the desired Inoculation keyphrases. Once the sites start to gain traction in the Search Engines, we start to apply more Social Media components, which dramatically improve their rankings. We host these sites on different IP addresses and different servers with specific Geo-targeting so that we can effectively link to and promote them in a very natural and organic way. Attention to detail in this technical area is critical to avoid unwanted automated penalties from major search engines.

  • Blogs: these will either be created as a result of converting high-ranking Micro-Sites or joining existing Blog communities such as Blogger and LiveJournal. Blogs require much more maintenance but are excellent tools, as the main page, Categories, and individual posts can all rank very well.

  • Press Releases/Syndicated Articles: we can promote your existing Press Releases or create some useful articles of our own. We submit these to effective networks, such as PRLog and eZine Articles. We also have access to thousands of highly authoritative and established online properties where we can leverage content and pages for the purpose of Inoculation.

  • Link Building: aside from promoting our positive listings within the content of our Micro-Sites, Blogs and Social Media, we will also have our Linking Team point high-quality links to positive listings.

  • Social Media: we can create Social Network profiles (Facebook and MySpace), Professional Network profiles (LinkedIn and Naymz), Mini-Blogs (Twitter), Wiki articles (Wikipedia and Knol) and other various sites that we can easily control. We have hundreds of these Social Media platforms operating very effectively for many current Inoculation Campaigns.

The timeline will be different for each Inoculation Campaign depending on the number and strength of the potentially damaging listings at the beginning of the Campaign. A smaller Campaign with a minimal amount of work will only require a few months until the Top 20 results are full of non-negative listings. An Inoculation Campaign with multiple keyphrases and several strong negative listings to start may take up to year or more until the Top 20 is "clean," and will require more effort and resources. The end goal is always to create sustained results that will last for years to come.

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