Reputation Management Consultant Approach

Some reputation management and reputation repair companies will only commit to short contracts. While the monthly price tag may seem great for your budget, your online reputation will suffer in the long run if you do not have sustained results. Other firms only use the slander/libel angle and claim they can make negative listings "disappear"; the catch is that they charge you for each listing and this method will become expensive if new negative listings keep appearing. Some focus on the Blogging angle-they promise to inundate the internet with keyword-rich content. However, search engines will most likely recognize these websites as spam and either penalize or not index them.

What, then, is the right way to repair your online reputation? You need techniques that are acceptable to Search Engine administrators but are as effective as possible. We are always in touch with what Search Engines like to see and what makes a website "good." If there are ever changes, we shift our strategies so that your money is being spent on the most useful techniques. Online Reputation Repair is essentially the application of advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. We have a strong background in SEO and utilize our knowledge and experience to help your Inoculation Campaign.

Inoculation can take many forms, depending on the status of your online reputation at the start of the Campaign. Having only one negative listing within the Top 20 results in a Search Engine for one non-competitive keyphrase is a relatively easy matter to handle. If you have five competitive keyphrases, each with 10 negative listings within the Top 20 results, that will require much more time and effort. Certain Search Engines also give a lot of "weight" to certain consumer review websites, such as Government and education-related websites will also rank highly as they are historically authoritative.

We work quickly and efficiently to get you the results you need but we take care to do work that will be useful in the long run, not just a quick fix. Regardless of your situation, there is a solution and we will find the right one for you.

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