Network Security auditing, network security services, Network security testing

According to CNN’ statistics, 65 per cent of hacking attacks in 2007 occurred internally. To prevent such incidents, most organizations use an internal technical audit to ensure that their IT assets are protected. An internal tecsshnical audit is a comprehensive analysis and review of the security of the IT infrastructure from an insiders perspective, commanding internal controls.

Web Infomatrix is one of the few security consulting organizations worldwide, that conduct an internal audit at all three layers namely, the OS/ platform layer, network/ server layer, and the application layer. All network security tests are run as black-box audits and grey-box audits, thus giving a comprehensive security overview.

The usual scope of an internal technical audit includes the following:

  1. Network Architecture
  2. Database Server
  3. Web Servers
  4. LAN / Intranet Applications
  5. Client Facing Web Enabled Applications
  6. Proxy Server
  7. Exchange Server
  8. Authentication Server
  9. Telnet / FTP
  10. Firewall
  11. Routers
  12. Workstations
  13. IPS / IDS
  14. Other Network Devices

Thus, you'll get clear, actionable results on where your system is vulnerable. And the best thing is, that we help you patching it up as part of our service.